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We are proud to highlight our latest achievements accomplished with our trusted customers.


In the face of the pandemic, Air Canada and Avianor joined forces to provide an immediate and innovative solution for safe and effective cargo loading in the cabin of commercial aircraft without any previous regulations in place: the cargo conversion. Requirements related to operations were led by the Air Canada Cargo Team and airworthiness requirements related to safety measures were led by Avianor.

We are extremely proud to have contributed to Air Canada’s efforts to transform several of their Boeing 777-3300ER aircraft cabins in order to provide more cargo space for the transportation of medical and essential goods.

This collaboration has fortified our ingenious and resourceful reputation allowing us to deliver customizable and fully certified cargo conversion solutions and modification kits. All aircrafts that undergo this transformation can easily revert back to PAX.

It is with clients such as Air Canada that we can truly make a difference, offer our reactiveness, display our creativity and adapt to the economic needs.

For more information, read our press release.

Air Canada and Avianor
Air Canada and Avianor
Air Canada and Avianor
Air Canada and Avianor


In October of 2020, Air Transat, the number one vacation carrier in Canada flying more than 5 million passengers per year selected Avianor to perform a “C-Check” maintenance visit on its A330 wide-body aircraft.

With this heavy maintenance on the A330, our team demonstrated, once again, its extensive expertise and reliability thereby strengthening our position as a leader in MRO. More than sixty technicians were mobilized to deliver a high-quality product and all within the established deadlines.

This collaboration and joint commitment to support the local and national aerospace industry, especially during a global pandemic, attests to both Air Transat’s and Avianor’s dedication to the aviation sector therefor assuring its continuity.

We are pleased to be trusted and associated with Air Transat, a reputable fellow local company. Our quality of service coupled with our work ethic has allowed this relationship to grow.

For more information, read our press release.